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Albumsindex is the smart usenet search engine, mainly focused on binary MP3 groups. Using smart datamining techniques we are able to determine what album is posted on usenet without human interaction. This way we are the only website that allows you to search convenient on albums, artist or genre (tags). We offer dedicated NZB download as well private NZB RSS feed access.

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Design flaws

Albumsindex news 2010-09-29 00:00:00
We just made a big mistake here. The most recent CSS design file is gone and we're stuck to an older design version. Most likely you'll notice that search results and the bottom of the paga are looking awful. We try to fix this asap!
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Albumsindex improvements uservoice forum

Albumsindex news 2010-09-23 11:14:00
Dear users,

After quite some comments on our previous mailing about further expanding the indexing range of we have decided to give our users a vote into what they think we should improve!

We've set up a uservoice forum were people can share their ideas and other users can vote onto what they think are the most useful improvements. 

Visit our uservoice forum at:

Thank you,

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